Doctors, your patients are offended

“New patient surveys show that patients are offended when they go in to see their doctor and wind up talking to them, while they rudely are not paying attention to them and typing on their computer. Most patients feel that their care is being sacrificed. Ask yourself, am I paying the attention that I need, to catch everything my patient says, or is my attention divided? Is the patient care hindered?

Surveys show that patients really don’t like this aspect. Physicians usually don’t either. They didn’t spend all those years in school just to be a typist. It’s a waste of a physicians time, and quite frankly, the end result is not very good. Oftentimes things are left on the template when they should be removed, or vice versa. For example, one story we learned was that the patient didn’t receive any kind of physical examination at all during one visit as they had an appointment with the doctor only for discussion of their diagnostic testing. When the patient received a copy of the letter sent to her family physician, there was a complete examination listed and in the musculoskeletal examination the doctor had that there was no joint swelling, inflammation, and all joints were normal. That was not the case.

On the day that patient was in to talk to her doctor regarding the diagnostic results, the diagnosed arthritis in her knees was so bad she had to enter the office in a wheelchair. The exam said she could “ambulate with efficiency”. That was not the case. The record was very wrong, yet that will stay permanently in the patient’s record.

Physicians, if you don’t want to type up your own records into the EMR system, give some thought to dictating as usual, we can type your dictation directly into your system on your EMR templates or upload and/or scan into your EHR.

Each of our transcriptionists has signed a HIPAA Compliance Statement. We will sign a HIPAA Compliance Statement with you. We can help make you compliant with the EMR regulations and you will not have to change the way you dictate. In fact, for you, your hands-on time with dictation will decrease each day allowing you to see more patients thus more than offset the costs of our services. We provide an opportunity to bridge the way you’ve always done your dictation with all the new requirements and technology of today.”

Medical Transcription Service

Welcome to Medical Transcription Service

Medical Transcription, Inc.,  is a US company based in Plainview, New York.  We have been in the medical records support business since 1992.  We employ North American, English-speaking personnel for transcription and editing,  and provide full compliance with United States HIPAA laws.

We have transcribed all medical sub-specialties, with a team of transcribers and editors with over 200 years of combined experience. (our average turn around time is 4 hours)

We have extensive experience with ESL-speaking (English Second Language) physicians.

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Medical Transcription Service