Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription Inc., upholds excellence!

We know how important it is to have someone care about your transcription needs. We strive to provide the best transcription service to meet that need.

Our transcription teams, are like-minded.  We all care about the integrity of our work ethic.  From customer service to our finished product, at every step, we strive for excellence.

Whether it’s medical or legal transcription, the final product we create is extremely accurate.  Total quality assurance is the priority with our company.

We uphold protected patient privacy and all HIPAA regulations.     We uphold HIPAA regulations beyond what is legally mandated.  Our transcribers and personnel are background checked. We are very careful whom we select to be a part of our team.

We work very hard to provide excellence in our services and would be happy to show you that our company is truly ‘a cut above’.  Let us work with you to meet your transcription needs.  We have been in business for over 20 years.  Call (800) 224-3315 or Contact

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Medical Transcription Service